Relaxers with Hair Color

LLYHtour Chat: Is there a difference between chemically relaxing and chemically coloring your natural hair? We all know one straightens and one strips away natural color, but is there a difference? Is it possible to be anti perm but pro color? or is it just plain contradictory? 

Some may argue that the deep rooted need for some black women who feel that the “European straight” look is more beautiful from years of social standard while in turn, yearning for the straight look, is the same argument when some black women (like myself) want to change to a lighter hair color. Does this mean that I have issues with my standard of beauty or that I just yearn for versatility? 

I like to have fun with my hair just like I like to change my lipstick, clothes, nails etc.. I feel as long as the route of my intentions are light and fun while still appreciating and being comfortable with my natural self, I have the right to say that “it’s not that deep” for me. 

One of my main goals is to help others get to the “it’s not that deep” stage because in my opinion, it equals a sense of freedom. Freedom is the message. Not limiting yourself to a box or category just to be considered “all natural” or just to be considered anything specific for that matter. As longs as the ROOT is acknowledged and cleared.. The fruits have no issue with change. 

What are your thoughts???