Top 6 Best Cheap Tattoo Machine: Personal Review and Detailed Guide

Cheap tattoo machines do not mean low-quality machines. You can get decent tattoo machines for affordable prices if you research well. A few brands offer their best machines at lower prices for promoting their brands, and few newer brands also do the same. Keep looking for the best prices or just use the list below and get set go with your tattooing mission.

Hommii Professional Alloy Rotary Tattoo Machine

Amazon best-selling product B077TSC2PS

This rotary machine can lining, color, and shading a tattoo as you can control it easily. With its lightweight and low vibrations, you can handle it for a longer time. Since it operates silently, your clients find it more comfortable. It does not heat up efficiently, so the motor life is enhanced, making it durable.

Also, the aluminum material used in making it offers excellent strength and stability. As the cartridge needle and the tube are packed separately in a sterile way, they are free from infection.

Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit

Amazon best-selling product B00JFQXDDQ

DragonHawk tattoo sets are considered the best tattoo starter kits due to the quality and the reliability they offer. Moreover, they come in an affordable range, so no wonder tattoo artists prefer this set as their initial kit. It consists of two coil machines that can do shading and lining.

These anti-fatigue machines are made of superior material and have springs with high elasticity. It also contains ten the excellent USA made inks along with the required tattoo needles. The power supply with clip cord and foot pedal make it a complete kit using which you can start your tattooing right away.

Rattlesnake Rotary Tattoo Machine

Amazon best-selling product B0872P9T46

The aluminum alloy made rotary machine frame comes with an aesthetic anodized surface. This machine has 10000RMP but consumes less power. Its high-speed operation is accompanied by the consistency that gives you smooth lines and an easy coloring experience while causing minimal damage to the skin. It is accompanied by grip and clip cord accessories for using your tattoo comfortably and immediately. (more…)

Top 6 Best Hair Loss Products for 2020

Hair loss is becoming very common these days. This is mainly because of exposure to harmful environmental factors such as dust and impurities and also the use of products which contain a lot of chemicals. Introducing such a huge amount of chemicals into the scalp blocks the pores and slows down the regrowth and repair process. This leads to faster loss of hair which may lead to complete baldness sometimes.

Here are a few products which are the best to be used when you are facing severe loss of hair, breakage and thinning of hairline.

M3 Naturals Hair Growth Shampoo for Thinning Hair

Amazon best-selling product B07PYXW8MB

One of the main causes of hair loss is Dihydrotestosterone or DHT. The M3 natural hair growth shampoo blocks DHT and prevents the loss of hair. It has amazing cleansing properties due to its natural ingredients which remove all the impurities from the scalp, preventing build up of oil and dandruff. The combination of natural oils strengthens hair and promotes growth. The product is free from harmful synthetic ingredients, making it suitable for all types of skin.

Votala Hair Growth Serum

Amazon best-selling product B07Z8CQL8Y

The totally natural and organic Votala hair growth serum comes with the goodness of beneficial ingredients like ginger and vitamin E which improve the growth of hair and give them volume and thickness. It gives life to the dormant and nearly dead hair follicles by acting on their roots and strengthening the grip of the hair fibers on the scalp. This prevents further breakage and weakening of hair. The serum provides nourishment to hair, improving their overall health. It is one of the best hair growth product for men & women.

Women’s Rogaine 5% Minoxidil Foam for Hair Thinning and Loss

Amazon best-selling product B00M6I5SNI

The minoxidil hair foam for women is one of the most amazing creations of this brand. It is a complete hair treatment foam which cleans, strengthens,volumizes and repairs the hair, thus preventing hair loss and giving you fuller and thicker hair. The 5% minoxidil formula is proven clinically to increase the hair growth by 25%. It works by providing the necessary proteins to the hair and stimulating the roots of hair. The product is safe to use and is recommended by dermatologists to people with severe hair loss. (more…)

Top 6 Best Organic Body Wash – Keep Skin Clean and Protected

An organic body wash has a double-action performance of cleansing and moisturizing that improves your skin. A body wash provides a sumptuous lather and pleasant scent. They are free from artificial fragrances, potentially harmful and questionable chemicals as well as synthetic dyes. When compared to soap, body washes provide more skin benefits. There is a variety of organic body wash to match your skin type. Below, some of the best organic body wash that keeps the skin clean and protected is highlighted.

Nubian Heritage, Body Wash Mango Butter

Amazon best-selling product B00CZDWYZY

The Nubian Heritage, body wash gives a more luxurious and spa-like experience when you wake up in the morning because it maximizes retention and skin suppleness. The body wash has a soothing and restorative benefit of cocoa, shea, mango, and avocado butter. The product consists of rich vitamins and nutrients that replenish, repair, and maintain various types of skin.

Dove Body Wash

It is the #1 recommended body wash by dermatologists that will help you achieve a healthy, soft, and well cared for skin. The Dove body wash is friendly to the skin as it is sulfate-free and has a balanced PH. These properties ensure that the body wash does not strip all the natural oil and upset the skin’s natural acidity. It is one of the best body wash for dry skin because it is gentle to the skin’s living protective layer known as the micro-biome and gets you clean without causing dehydration. Its fragrance is nice and gender-free.

Dessert Essence, Organics, Body Wash, Fragrance-Free

Amazon best-selling product B002G1XA08

This body wash is recommended by dermatologists for treating psoriasis all over. It is a gel-like antibacterial body wash that stops the spread of bacteria emitting foul scents on your skin. The scent is found naturally. Dessert essence is a powerful but gentle plant-based and fragrance-free organic body wash. It is a cleanser that removes antioxidants and impurities to provide the skin with calming hydration. It leaves the skin fresh and clean. (more…)

Top 8 Best Shampoo for Baby Fine Hair 2020

Using a mild and tested shampoo with no harmful chemicals in it is essential for your baby’s delicate hair. Unless you care for it from the early stages, it will turn out to be dry and brittle as it grows further. The foundation for healthy hair is a healthy scalp. If the shampoo is nutrient-rich and does not dry the scalp, then it keeps the hair healthy. The list of the best shampoo for fine baby hair is below, and you will need one for your baby to keep the hair soft and shiny.

Mustela Gentle Detangler Baby Shampoo

Amazon best-selling product B01N2IOQS2

The Mustela detangler shampoo is gentle on your baby by cleansing it softly and does not leave any residue. It hydrates the scalp and the hair to keep it from drying, which is very important for the fine baby hair. There is a delicate, refreshing scent that soothes your baby. This shampoo is free from harmful chemicals and is a pediatrician certified as safe. Also, 93% of its ingredients are plant-based.

Baby Dove Tear FreeRich Moisture Shampoo

The tear-free baby shampoo by Dove has a PH neutral formula. It nourishes the scalp skin and delicately cleanses the baby’s hair. Its moisture-rich formula keeps the hair soft. This shampoo has natural ingredients, and it is safe on new-borns as certified by pediatricians. It is hypoallergic and does not contain parabens or similar harmful chemicals. The delicate scent has a calming effect on your baby.

Johnson’s Tear-Free Baby Shampoo

Amazon best-selling product B07DGK6HC6

Johnson’s tear-free shampoo is so mild that it does not irritate your baby’s eyes. Doctors tested, allergen-free, and free of harmful chemicals. After cleansing the hair with this shampoo, the hair looks shiny and feels soft to touch. The company develops and tests products together with the parents to ensure extra safety. There is a fresh scent that lingers, that makes your baby feel relaxed.

The Honest Company Truly Calming Lavender Baby Wash &Shampoo

Amazon best-selling product B01M4QMQ4B

The rich lathery formula feels creamy and gently cleanses both the body and the hair. It has natural ingredients for a rich shampoo that has a revitalizing mild scent of lavender. This hypoallergic dermatologically tested shampoo is cruelty-free and gentle on your baby. All the smart ingredients provide excellent benefits to your baby’s skin and, at the same time, not harming it.

CeraVeTear-FreeBaby Wash & Shampoo

Amazon best-selling product B00JF3S29Y

The gentle skin and hair cleanser keeps your baby soft and moisturized from head to toe. Its tear-free formula keeps your baby’s eyes tear-free, even when it accidentally gets into the eye. The three types of essential ceramides formulated into this shampoo act as effective barriers for maintaining and restoring the skin hydration. This is one of the best baby shampoos for dry scalp if you are looking for one. The National Eczema Association has approved that it works effectively on the skin, as promised.


Personal Grooming Guide for Being Presentable at All Times

Grooming yourself with care and interest sends a powerful message and gives the best first impression to whoever you meet throughout the day. Looking trim also speaks volumes in both professional settings as well as your family setting.

men’s manicure sets


Scalp and Beard: You need to keep your hairstyle free from frizz and apply good creams and oils to maintain the look. The number of products in various budgets are available for maintaining the shape and smoothness of your hair. Determine your style according to age and applying it would add a decent look. So, this applies to your beard if you are a man.

Nose and Ears: The central aspect all men and women need to address is the strands of hair in places like ears and nose, which cannot be trimmed using scissors all by yourself. There are best nose hair trimmers available that can trim the hair clean without hurting you. These trimmers come with safety attachments and help you accomplish the task quickly.


Apart from the hair, the most crucial aspect that screams attention is your nails. You use your hands a lot all along the day, and no wonder your hands gain attention next to your face. Hence, keeping your hands manicured by cutting your nails, removing the dead skin, and pushing your cuticle up requires safe tools. Women already have loads of products in this range, but now the best men’s manicure sets are also on the fly.


The Best Nail Ideas Using SNS Color

SNS nails are currently trending because they are fumeless, easy, and fast to apply. It is tough to wear off compared to other gels and acrylics, and its color does not easily cheap off hence its long lasting nature. This explains its ability to last for over three weeks giving its lovers the perfect timing for a single application every month. Moreover, only acetone is needed to remove the SNS from the nails. The glue/powder is easily broken down when soaked in acetone. In just 15 minutes, you will be done with the removal process. However, avoid filling the nails because the risk of damaging the nail plates is higher. Fortunately, just like LDS dipping power, Kiara sky dipping powder, DND nails, and other dipping powder systems, SNS dipping powder produces nails that need little filing, making them a healthy option for natural nails. If you are looking for SNS nail ideas, this article provides you with the perfect designs that you are looking for.

The Best Nail Ideas

Nude Nail Design

Some people think that the nude nail design is boring. Is that so? What if I would tell you that it is the perfect way to rock your on spring? The cute design is famous for its happy and lively vibe when you need it the most. Besides its simplicity, it is gorgeous and can be worn all the time at weekend parties and the office. Furthermore, its fewer elements make it more elegant and less sophisticated. It’s a beautiful piece that can catch people’s attention due to its sultry design.


Choose the Best Shampoo for Your Hair Type

Buying a shampoo is not the easiest of things, and it can turn into a problematic stressful endeavor for some. How do you ensure that the things mentioned on the bottle are what suits the hair and scalp on the head? You shouldn’t be worried every time you have to buy shampoo for yourself.   When you enter the market, you should be able to pick the best oily scalp shampoos if that is what you want, but how do you determine what your hair wants? Here is a list of few things that can help you ease the process and make selection simple.

Shampoo for Your Hair Type

Know Your Scalp Type 

You should know here that shampoo is mainly used to cleanse the dirt, oil, and products not just from the hair but from your scalp too. Thus you need to know if you have a scalp that is too oily or too dry. Along with that, you will have to see how your hairs are so that you can choose the conditioner accordingly. You need to know that shampoo is majorly for scalp and roots, and the conditioner is for your hair length or say the ends.

Oily Scalps

If you have an oily scalp, then it is likely that you have tried like a range of oily scalp shampoos. It is also possible that along with that you might have tried washing your hairs as often as possible to keep the scalp dry and oil-free.

Now let’s have a look at what you require if the above process is not working. Check the label and pick something that says balancing, add volume, or extra strength as they are non-moisturizing products that will keep the excess cream/oil away from the scalp. A common mistake made with shampoo is that people with oily scalp pick a shampoo that is hydrating, moisturizing, or appropriate for curly hairs after analyzing their hairs, which tend to be dry. Remember, the shampoo is more for scalp and less for the hair.


Relaxers with Hair Color

LLYHtour Chat: Is there a difference between chemically relaxing and chemically coloring your natural hair? We all know one straightens and one strips away natural color, but is there a difference? Is it possible to be anti perm but pro color? or is it just plain contradictory? 

Some may argue that the deep rooted need for some black women who feel that the “European straight” look is more beautiful from years of social standard while in turn, yearning for the straight look, is the same argument when some black women (like myself) want to change to a lighter hair color. Does this mean that I have issues with my standard of beauty or that I just yearn for versatility? 

I like to have fun with my hair just like I like to change my lipstick, clothes, nails etc.. I feel as long as the route of my intentions are light and fun while still appreciating and being comfortable with my natural self, I have the right to say that “it’s not that deep” for me. 

One of my main goals is to help others get to the “it’s not that deep” stage because in my opinion, it equals a sense of freedom. Freedom is the message. Not limiting yourself to a box or category just to be considered “all natural” or just to be considered anything specific for that matter. As longs as the ROOT is acknowledged and cleared.. The fruits have no issue with change. 

What are your thoughts???