The Best Nail Ideas Using SNS Color

SNS nails are currently trending because they are fumeless, easy, and fast to apply. It is tough to wear off compared to other gels and acrylics, and its color does not easily cheap off hence its long lasting nature. This explains its ability to last for over three weeks giving its lovers the perfect timing for a single application every month. Moreover, only acetone is needed to remove the SNS from the nails. The glue/powder is easily broken down when soaked in acetone. In just 15 minutes, you will be done with the removal process. However, avoid filling the nails because the risk of damaging the nail plates is higher. Fortunately, just like LDS dipping power, Kiara sky dipping powder, DND nails, and other dipping powder systems, SNS dipping powder produces nails that need little filing, making them a healthy option for natural nails. If you are looking for SNS nail ideas, this article provides you with the perfect designs that you are looking for.

The Best Nail Ideas

Nude Nail Design

Some people think that the nude nail design is boring. Is that so? What if I would tell you that it is the perfect way to rock your on spring? The cute design is famous for its happy and lively vibe when you need it the most. Besides its simplicity, it is gorgeous and can be worn all the time at weekend parties and the office. Furthermore, its fewer elements make it more elegant and less sophisticated. It’s a beautiful piece that can catch people’s attention due to its sultry design.

SNS with Tips: Coffin Nails

This is a distinct nail design that curves towards the tips. The nails are both fierce and edgy. It’s the perfect option for those who want their nails to speak out boldness and daring choice of nails. Long nails are a blessing to everyone. It primarily works best for people with long nails. Creating coffin nails is easy, and its results are a stunning finish.

The Purple Design

If you want to give your nails a perfect finish, you should try out the purple nail design. It is made in such a way that there are diverse purple shades and visual contrasting glitters that catch attention. They help raise your nail game to an entirely new level.

Leopard Print SNS Nails

If you are interested in chick designs, the Green Leopard Print SNS nails are stylish, bold, and edgy. It has a beautiful color that makes it perfect for both play and work.

The Iridescent Design

This is one of the designs that can transform your nails to look as elegant as you have always imagined. Apart from being eye-catching, the design is also very shimmery. It is desirable both at work and when you have gone for an outing.

Nude and Black

Despite the design being termed minimal, it is also known for being eye-catching, and an option to perfectly blend with every outfit. It is also gorgeous despite being low-key. The gives you a sophisticated and elegant look.

Color Assortment Design

This design is the most perfect for people who love a myriad of colors. The simplicity of this design is captivating. The color blend is gorgeous, and it gives out the most captivating allure.

Sherbet of Colors on SNS Nail Tips

This design option works best for the people who love a lot of colors on their nails with lots of pizzazz and twist. It is fantastic for every day at work. Furthermore, it is an excellent option for those looking to go partying.

Gorgeous Blue Design Idea

It is a surprisingly good option for those who fancy blue. It is unexpected, which makes it perfect for every outfit design. Furthermore, it looks better with the integration of glittery stuff, giving your nails a gorgeous and fantastic look.

The Violet SNS Nail Design

Violet has not been everybody’s option, but this SNS design is exceptional. The model can quickly be done, leaving the nails looking more stunning. It’s time to impress by combining elegant dressing with the most beautiful mani for a romantic night.

Nails like Candies

Well, if you love candies, you can have them on your fingertips. Probably, the designer was inspired by M&Ms sweets. The design is a rainbow inspired with several colors that produce a playful but sexy look.


SNS nails have a hoard of benefits. They are known to make the nails beautiful as well as super durable. SNS nails are the best option for traditional manicures like acrylics and gel, especially for those with skin allergies and those who hate lousy odor. Among all the nail powders, SNS nails take a similar design to LDS dipping powders or DND nail powders, but these designs make them more unique. They make the best designs that you should try out because you can rock with them all year round.