Taren Guy Founder of Luv & Learn Your Hair

In June 2009, Taren Guy became a part of the Natural Hair and Vlogging revolution on YouTube by introducing “Taren916”. Initially, Taren uploaded videos dedicated to documenting her own natural hair journey: A chronicle of her transition from chemical straightening to embracing her natural curls. Within months, Taren gained an unwavering base of loyal fans.

Taren had a nameless charm that was instantly felt by her devoted fans. Her audience expressed a delight that crowded her comment section with replies, requests and sincere gestures of appreciation. Taren has quickly gained over 20 million views worldwide and a devout following of over 500,000 in her network. Taren’s followers look to her for tips on natural hair and all things beauty related; inside and out.

MISSION: Taren felt there was a balance needed for INSPIRATION and EDUCATION within the natural hair community. Being both educated on HOW to care for your hair while in turn being INSPIRED by learning to LOVE your hair is the perfect solution for a much easier and enjoyable journey. 

“My vision is to take ‘Luv & Learn Your Hair” on the road to help women all over the country become comfortable with being FREE and beautiful. It’s deeper than hair… having fun, being confident and learning about our natural hair causes a trickle down effect which triggers a “bigger picture change’ in other aspects of our lives.” – Taren Guy 

Self love is contagious.. Let’s inspire others to do the same and change the world…